All users who want to access the service contract, you must first read and accept the General Terms and Conditions which are detailed below. Once you start browsing through this site the website has the status of USER, and once you complete the steps set out to buy tickets, you as a customer.

In compliance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1906/99 of December 17, which regulates electronic contracts with general conditions, and the Law of Retail Trade (Law 7 / 1996 January 15, amended by Law 47/2002 of December 19) as applicable to the provisions on distance selling in Articles 38 and following Entradas See Tickets S.A. (hereinafter COMPANY) reports:


These general terms and conditions represent the general regulation of the services provided by the company through the portal, constituting the legal framework within which the contractual relationship.

The Company offers the service as an intermediary for the sale of tickets for events through the web

The General Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Law 7 / 1988 of 13 April, on General Conditions of Contract, the Law 26/1984 of 19 July, General Counsel for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Royal Decree 1906/1999, of December 17, 1999, which regulates the Telephone and Electronic Contracting with general conditions, the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13 , Protection of Personal Data, Law 7 / 1996 of 15 January Retail Trade, and Law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services of the Information Society ; ny Electronic Commerce.

The services offered by may be employed by any users who reside in Spain or in another Member State of the European Union or European Economic Area and for those users who have resided in a State belonging to the European Union or European Economic Area, will be applicable Spanish law.

This document is accessible at all times on the website of the company and can be printed and stored by the client.


The contract is to regulate the general conditions of supply of services offered by the COMPANY through

The services the company provides and that are currently covered by this contract are on the one hand, information services, free access, and other service ticket.

The ticketing service is onerous, and the price of each ticket is determined at all times on the web.

Access to information concerning paragraphs billboard, cinemas and theaters, and news releases is free, not subject to any payment.


These general terms and conditions of service offered by the company are subscribed for, firstly, by the institution Tickets See Tickets SA, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 12,997, Book 0, Folio 140, Section 8 ?, Hoja M-209584, Inscripción 1?, residing in the C / Serrano Anguita 8, 2nd Floor 28004, Madrid (Spain).

And, secondly, by the customer whose data entered for the purchase of tickets or make a suggestion via the form for this purpose, are those that have been committed by him. All information contained in it have been transmitted directly by the client, so that responsibility for the authenticity of the same corresponds directly and exclusively to YOU.

To access service ticket purchase portal, it requires the completion of all marked optional data requested for purchase.

The Company advises that in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of the LSSICE proceeded to inform the Registry of Madrid, dated February 13, 2003, the domain name portal that operates under the Internet.


The CLIENT is solely responsible for the accuracy of data entered by him in the procurement process, and accepts the obligation to provide true, accurate and complete.

If Customer breaches this obligation, it is your responsibility to answer for any damages caused to the Company or a third party.


These conditions apply to ticket sales service offered by the Company through the web

Trading conditions for this service and offerings that may eventually be performed by the COMPANY are always displayed on the above website and can therefore be viewed, saved or printed.

The Company reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms of Use and any other general or specific, use regulations or warnings that may apply.

The Company may amend the Terms notifying clients in advance, in order to improve services and products offered through

By modifying the Conditions set out in the website, means fulfilled that duty of notification. In any case, before using the services or contracting products will consult the General Conditions is.

It also reserves the right to change at any time the presentation, Web Site Settings, location and contents and the conditions for its use.

The Client purchase tickets through the implementation of all steps set out in paragraph BUY DIRECT and telematic transmission.


Entradas See Tickets S.A. disclaims all liability for the misuse of web content.

The CUSTOMER agrees to comply with the provisions in the legal notices published by the COMPANY on the web at all times.

The CLIENT acknowledges and agrees that access to and use of the website and content included in it takes place freely and consciously under his sole responsibility. The CLIENT agrees to make an appropriate and lawful use of the Web Site and its contents, in accordance with applicable law, these Terms of Use, morality and generally accepted good practices and public order.


Through the paragraph BUY DIRECT CUSTOMER may acquire / s input / s electronically. The steps are:


Clicking on the "Buy Direct" from the menu on the left of the screen, load the page "Purchase of tickets." This page will allow you, through a series of menus, select the show you want to log Diaye go.

Each menu is generated based on the selected option in the menu above. Once the selection click on the "Select Locations" to enter the courtyard of locations and select locations that you like best, in the event that the selected session is a session n with numbered locations. Otherwise request the number of tickets you want to buy.


In the courtyard of towns, localities in green represent seats that are available. In the occupied localities appear the picture of a seated person. To select the desired locations, click with the mouse on them, as the press will glow white. If you make a mistake press on the town and will turn green. After selecting the locations, click on the button "Request" and enter a page where you are asked for data from the card you want to pay for the tickets.

NOTE: The sites must be selected together in the same row. The maximum number of locations that can apply is 6.


On this page you must enter a card number and expiration, with which to pay the amount of entries. Furthermore, it also is a field where, optionally, you can enter a contact telephone number which is useful to inform the user when to suspend a session, etc.. After entering the payment details, click on the Continue button.


After entering the card data is requested the venue their choice of locations. If seats are still available, the selected localities empezarána white flashing orange.

On the contrary, if requested seats had been sold during the time you make your selection, the site will offer the best seats you have available at that time by reference to their original application. In any case, whether the proposed locations in orange flashing is successful, click on the button "BUY", otherwise you can click the Cancel button. At the moment the site offers seats, the system locks these locations over a period of time so that nobody can steal them. If you accept the proposal by clicking on the "BUY", the system will proceed to make payment of their localities and these will also be sold on the premises. If after about 2 minutes of the proposal you do not accept the proposal in blue, the towns would again be available for sale. If after that time you click on the button "BUY" the system will present a message that could not make the purchase of these seats. By purchasing this system:

  • It avoids duplication of locations.
  • It is time to respect the user decide if he wants the localities, and no one can remove them in the meantime.

Once you click on the "BUY", the time needed to confirm the sale may vary depending on the type of card used, the number of people who are trying to buy at the time, etc. Please be patient and wait for the system will provide a confirmation of refusal of sale.


The Customer may access at any time, a document showing your purchase, that document will serve as substitute for invoice or receipt by clicking on the tab "Check your purchase" of this website may , if you wish, download and print the ticket justifying its purchase. Any other information that the user document access, and that is not located in the "Check your purchase" of this website will serve no ticket.


If the purchase process is completed successfully, you will see a confirmation page which reflects the characteristics of acquired locations and a reference number. The reference number identifies your purchase will be a unique and necessary if you wish to carry out consultation. Since it is quite a number of figures if you want you can get a paper copy of this page by clicking on the "print" button or downloaded to your computer.


For various reasons such as: lack of communication with the issuer of your card, temporary loss of communication with the enclosure, etc., The system may find it impossible to purchase. In this case, we see a page stating that fact as well as a reference. If you have any questions, use this reference number so that we can assist you.


Near the lockers of the enclosure, the customer will find a mailbox installed for that purpose, which can enter the card you made the purchase and issue tickets. If you have any difficulty locating the mailbox available to hospital staff.

If Clients have any problem when collecting the tickets, you must ensure you have entered the card into the correct position, the mailboxes have a drawing that shows how. If for some reason the mail entries will not waiver, such that out of paper, you should go to the lockers with the card.


The informacióny content offered by the Company through the web offered in Spanish.

The Company is not responsible for any damages or losses that may result in the customer for not understanding them.


Background, and CLIENT understands that the information contained on the website, general information on entertainment, news, VAT, fees and general conditions of contract completion contratacióny, are enough for the exclusion n error in the formation of consent.

These general conditions of contract, will be part of the contract upon acceptance by the CUSTOMER, manifested through cumplimentacióny sending the purchase data to the third paragraph BUY DIRECT.


Both parties expressly state that the acceptance of the service offering of the COMPANY by the CUSTOMER is done by following the purchasing procedure described in paragraph BUY DIRECT.

The fact telematically complete all the steps in the process of purchase / s input / s by the CUSTOMER represents and expresses the full acceptance of these terms and conditions.


The contract is perfected from the date on which the CLIENT declares its compliance with these conditions or, where appropriate, published at the time of purchase, by providing the information requested in paragraph DATA FOR PAYMENT, BUY DIRECT section, and once the client confirms acquisition.


The Company will charge Customer for the service charges in force at all times on the site and will appear after selecting the show, N'Diaye meeting, the latter section, where will the price for your selection and applicable taxes.

Once you've selected / s / s location / s, will open the section on payment with the request for data entry of credit card, which will detail the price and commission for each locality.


The CLIENT must reliably ensure the booking process before the accuracy and adequacy of input data, it is not possible to return tickets purchased after making the purchase.

Unable to attend the show or making a mistake by purchasing the tickets are not reasons to allow their return. Tickets may only be annulled by any technical or operational incidents attributable to the COMPANY.

"You may not exercise the right of withdrawal or termination under Article 44 of Law 47/2002 of 19 December Reform Act 7 / 1996 of January 15, Arrangement Retail Trade, to be excluded in Article 45 b). No one may be exercised by the user the right of withdrawal provided for in Article 4 of Decree 1906/19999 of 17 December, to be excluding the exercise of it in Article 4.5.

Nonetheless, when the amount of a purchase had been fraudulently or improperly loaded, using the number of a payment card, the cardholder may request cancellation of the charge to the COMPANY as long as stating the complaint on presentation of facts."

The return of the amount thereof shall be made by written complaint, which must submit the documents (complaint) which shows no loss or theft of the card that was made payment.

However, if the purchase had been effectively carried out by the cardholder and the demand for repayment was not a result of having exercised the right of withdrawal or resolution set forth in Article 44 and, therefore, had wrongly demanded for cancellation of the charge, that will be bound to the seller to pay compensation for damages incurred as a result of such cancellation.

The Company aims to provide both developers and the public acquisition of these entries but in no time the company is the promoter of the show.


For any clarification on the general condition is or make any claim regarding a purchase, customers have access to the following addresses:

    See Tickets Tickets Inc.
    Calle Serrano Anguita, 8, 2ª planta 28004 MADRID (España)


Service delivery of web is indefinite. However, the company is authorized to terminate or suspend provision of the service at any time, without prejudice to any provisions in this regard in the relevant terms and conditions. When reasonably possible, prior notice of the termination COMPANY suspension of service.


CLIENT agrees that all rights of intellectual property on the contents and any other elements on the web belong to the COMPANY.

The Company owns the elements that make up the graphic design of your website, menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, text, images, textures, graphics and any other web page content, or in any case, has the corresponding authorization for the use of such elements.

The web content may not be reproduced in whole or in part, or transmitted, or recorded by any information retrieval system in any form or by any means, unless has the prior approval in writing of that entity.

Likewise, it is prohibited to remove, ignore or manipulate the copyright and other identifying details of the rights of the COMPANY as well as technical protection devices or any other information mechanisms that might contain the contents.


Under the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that by completing this form, your personal data will be and will be processed in files owned Tickets See Tickets, SA, in order to manage the sale of tickets, and to keep you informed, including by electronic means about products and services offered by See Tickets Tickets , SA and events and / or film shows, drama, music, entertainment parks, circuses and exhibitions are advertised in If you do not wish to receive such information, can tell us at any time by sending an email to

You agree that your personal data may be transferred to the company sponsoring the event / show for which you have purchased tickets and the owner of the premises where it is held, in order for them to manage the sale of same, and so they can keep you informed, including by electronic means, regarding events and / or film shows, drama, music, entertainment parks, circuses and exhibitions that may be offered . If you do not wish to receive such information, can tell us at any time by sending an email to

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition cancelacióny treatment of data by writing to Tickets See Tickets, SA, C / Serrano Anguita Nº 8, 2nd floor 28015-Madrid, or by electronic mail nico targets. In both cases you must attach a copy of your national identity card, passport or other valid document that identifies you.


If any of these conditions of service was unlawful and therefore invalid, this shall not affect the other provisions in law. The parties agree to renegotiate those parts of the service conditions to be void and to incorporate other conditions of service.


These Terms are governed by Spanish law. Both parties acknowledge that the law applicable to this contract, and all legal relations arising thereof shall be the Spanish, by express application of Article 1262 of Civil Code respect the provisions of Chapter IV of the Preliminary Title of the Code.


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